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Lessons from Hollywood

Too old for my shirt?

San Francisco 2013, Part 5 - Day 4

San Francisco 2013, Part 4 - Day 3

San Francisco 2013, Part 3 - Day 2

San Francisco 2013, Part 2 - Day 1

San Francisco 2013, Part 1 - Day 0

October Sigh

An honest goodbye

Cutting the fat

On my way to sunny California - via Thymeleaf

Listen to the silence

My frenemy, the sun

2013 starts with... programming?!?

With my permission

Everything's alright

Giving up on baking, again, temporarily

Smartphones: the gateway to my demise

Ow, my face

Information diet

Bye grandma, granddad

October is the best month - part 4

October is the best month - part 3

October is the best month - part 2

October is the best month - part 1


Choosing sides

You fail sometimes

Free lunch


Black Forest Gateau 1.1, Cake Box 1.0

Masterchef'd to death


New traditions

Worse than my dentist

Annual leave - week 2 of 2

I wake up exhausted

Annual leave - week 1 of 2

Early bird

Learning, re-learning


Sarcasm not necessary

More than useless

The day the letters died

Hidden costs

Angry birds

Accidental vegetarian

Spirits high


6+ years in the making

Bad day

Being wasteful - The hangover

Being wasteful

Back to the meat grinder

Tweets from the mountaintop

Where's my devilled sausages?


Egg rolling (I'm doing it wrong)


Old school

Strawberry Fare(well) - part 2

Strawberry Fare(well) - part 1

TMDA (Too Many Damn Acronyms)

The sounds of silence

Socially awkward me

My life is average (.com)

Library categories

"Grow facial hair" they said

An age-old question

Skiing times

Today is a Claire/Clare day

I think my mp3 player is alive

Leading by example

Internet exposure

French chameleon

Mother's Day gone by

Dicks on walls

Slipping under the radar


The economics of friendship

Hello low-speed internet

Hello low-pressure water

Hello hay fever

Seasonal changes

Not-so-nameless neighbours

Welcoming 2009

No time for myself

My first bill

"...growing up is optional."